I wasn’t aware that this was being filmed. I maintain that we are not “friends,” regardless of how my keeper may interpret this footage. I merely endure him. That is all.

Where art thou?

I know you’re still out there, I can sense it from the depths of my being.

Extra Fluff

Did this cat bed shrink? So, I haven’t posted much, because frankly, I’ve put on a little extra fluff this winter. But, hey, now it’s spring and that’s right, I’ve been out a lot more, hunting, climbing, and doing my usual moonlight lurking. I can feel the fluff melting away. So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to get some sleep. Don’t worry, I’ll sneak my paws under your pillow and slowly inject one claw at a time when I’m good and ready for some mid-night door service.


Dawn breaks and there he is, the Goliath, perched on the wall between our respective domains. He pretends to worship, eyes catching the rays of the rising sun, but I know what he seeks is me. Ugh.

Warrior’s Rest

How I loathe the afternoon sun of this desert’s summer season. Into the dark spaces of my cavern I crawl. Leaveth me high-lone. Only when the cool of night has descended, then will I emerge, once again to pursue my hunt of the Goliath.


Mark this date. Something unthinkable has happened. A large bumbling feline dared to enter my yard. He just walked right up to me… the nerve! My keeper said he was trying to “make friends” with me, but I would have none of it. He is a giant. They say his name is Caine and I…


These paws were made for pouncing, and that’s just what they’ll do. One of these days these paw are gonna pounce all over you!

Bird Watching

Well, I am here, seemingly innocent and complacent, just lying in wait for that perfect moment when I will reveal to you through raw passion and cultivated skill just how wrong you were about me.


Freedom is sweet. Freedom is necessary. Freedom to roam. Freedom to play. Freedom to be me. Freedom to chase birds. Freedom to scale walls. Freedom is everything.