It’s good to be free.


In the heart of darkness lurks the dragon… fear me, for I shall strike…

I am

You can tell by the way I walk. I am a panther. Don’t you forget it.


Surprisingly, this is more comfortable than you might guess.


I’ll never forget that it was his choice at the shelter that day, and that his choice was most wise, because he chose me.

Oh, Glorious Day!

Sweet! She forgot to make the bed. That’s 100% pure Egyptian Cotton, and it’s mine, all mine!!!


My keeper found this idea on Pintrest. For fear of slipping into a stereotype, I resisted it for about thirty seconds… Damn, if it isn’t pretty sweet though.


Having trouble sleeping? Just watch me then.

From On High

From on high I can seeth all! Oh yes, it is wise to be afraid… be very afraid.


I thought you might need some help moving the bookcase. Yeah, whatever… and you’re welcome.