Mark this date. Something unthinkable has happened. A large bumbling feline dared to enter my yard. He just walked right up to me… the nerve! My keeper said he was trying to “make friends” with me, but I would have none of it. He is a giant. They say his name is Caine and I detest him more than words can express. My keeper said he looked lost. He kept trying to enter my home. Imagine the nerve? My Home! Is nothing sacred? She had better get this whole misunderstanding sorted out. I will not be held captive all night. I will make my keeper’s life a nightmare that never ceases. I will not be denied my freedom, because of this foolish Goliath. Feel me throwing darts his way with my thoughts. I am small, but I am fierce. If he wanders into my yard again, or Sekhmet-forbid, he dare attempt again to perpetrate my home, I will not be able to withhold the fury that seethes within. He knows not what pile of stink his furry paw has just stepped in.


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