From On High


From on high I can seeth all! Oh yes, it is wise to be afraid… be very afraid.


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  1. What a beautiful Tortie you are, Freeda! I’m sharing a link to your blog on my WordPress site. Purrs, Amber

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  2. Freeda says:

    Oh, how I love to hear how beautiful I am. Is this what it feels like to have friends who are cats? Well, then I just may have to give it a chance. Wishing you a day of being treated as a Highness, you know you’ve earned it, girl! ~FK

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    1. Indeed! We Torties must stay together. Purrs, Amber


  3. freda; look at ewe N yur gorgeouz self !!! veree nice ta meet ewe; amber sent uz yur way ~~~~~ pleez for give uz … if ewe haz trubull with R speech, let uz noe, we can freshen it up sum… 🙂 we hope ewe were abe bull ta pounce on two sum thin frum up ther….N good !!! heerz two an awesum day ~ ☺♥♥

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    1. Freeda says:

      Are you writing with your paws? I use thought recognition software, but I can understand you perfectly well. That lizard got away, but there’s plenty more bounty where he came from. At least he left me his tail. *Slurp* May the sun shine on your hunt today, whether it be live or make believe. It’s all good, as is the life of the cunning and free. ~FK

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  4. Chera says:

    As her human secretary, my tortie Willow wishes me to pass along her compliments: “What an excellent choice of tree! It brings out the orange in your coat so well, and is also perfect for camouflage. I love it when I can watch everyone and they don’t know I’m there! I hope you got to chase a bird!”


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